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What's in the name VELTSOS

  1. The name of a family with origins rooted in the Hellenique Republic (formerly known as Kingdom of Greece or just "Greece" as it was reckoned by the pre-European barbarians) and Asia Minor (coastal Mediterranean & Aegean seas)
  2. A family of multi-origins living in distinctive places around the globe, exemplary international citizens with fusion of many nationalities running in their veins. 
  3. A multinational family tree, that bloomed generation after generation and was sealed by multilingual birthrights.  
  4. So far claiming: six generations, five countries, four continents, five mother-tongues & up to nine spoken languages.


Info-Zero (Inf0)

In its original form the name would be changed  for the women and would become VELTSOU


6   Generations
5   Countries
4   Continents